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Fall 2021 Newsletter

Hello Friends:

Our last campaign message will coincide with our Fall Newsletter. We are proud to update you on our 3rd quarter accomplishments, while respectfully making one final request for your partnership this autumn.

Below you will see successes of our programs with tangible numbers. However, over the past few days I have been slapped in the face with sweet encounters we were unable to revel in during the height of the pandemic. The Otsego County United Way is truly a place of love, joy, and SUPPORT.

Please appreciate some delightful anecdotes from last week that make my heart sing with gratitude for the work we do and the volunteers and neighbors we engage with:

  • Some volunteers gathered to celebrate fall birthdays in the “big room” at the United Way; tears of lovingkindness were shed seeing old friends that joined

  • Assistant Executive Director, Megan Hacker bounced a fussy baby as his mom came in for emergency services; stepping away from a busy workload to help an overwhelmed mama

  • Rockstar volunteer, Mike Switalski jovially making jokes and saying “Bye!” as he headed out to transport TACKLE patients; this was his second “job” of the day after being at the pantry working all morning

Though a little dilapidated our Community Resource Building holds so much beauty because of the amazing things that happen inside. Community unites us and reminds us we are a part of something greater than ourselves. At the Otsego County United Way, we:

  • Build connections

  • Reach community goals

  • Work to make everyone feel safe and secure

  • Know it is important for each citizen to have a sense of community and we foster that ideal

Over the past 6 weeks our fall fundraising campaign theme has been REMAGINE, and we are inviting you to go on this journey with us. What do you REIMAGINE for the future of your Otsego County neighbors? Please consider being a part of the REIMAGINE COMMUNITY, to continue to foster unity. See how your dollars can be put work.

  • RESPOND: $500 to $1,000-Your dollars at work: Our annual scholarships to clients that need emergency services is $500. Your donation would have a direct impact on someone’s life.

  • RECOVER: $1,001 to $5,000-Your dollars at work: In partnership with other community agencies OCUW grants dollars to organizations helping ALICE ranging from $1000-$5000. You can be a part of helping these other nonprofits do incredible work.

  • REBUILD: $5,001 to $9,999- Your dollars at work: It costs an average of $7,500 to run the TACKLE (Together-Against-Cancer-Kept-Local- Everyday) program annually. You can designate monies to a OCUW program that speaks to you.

  • REIMAGINE: $10,000+-Your dollars at work: You will be a part of solving the childcare problem in Otsego County, large donations help build capacity.

  • REINFORCEMENT: A meaningful donation of your choice-Your dollars at work: All donations are impactful and serve Otsego County’s most vulnerable individuals.

In the past 6 weeks we have brought in $17,600 for the FALL CAMPAIGN; illustrating this community is filled with compassion. HOW INCREDIBLE! At this point last year we had raised $18,000, I am sure we will be able surpass that benchmark by the end of October BECAUSE OF YOU. The dream of LIVING UNITED can be a reality. Even the smallest donation makes a difference and goes a long way.

Many Blessings,

Erin Mann

Executive Director

Cell # 517.819.8070

Let's Celebrate Volunteers

Highlights from Q3:

  • RSVP Tool Time and Habitat for Humanity met to discuss partnering to help mutual clients that need Vital Home Repairs

  • Completed a $500 vital roof repair for a family that had a series of unfortunate events: leaky roof, broken refrigerator and automobile

  • Preston Feather donated supplies to Tool Time Volunteers to build a wheelchair ramp for a client

  • Otsego County United Way RSVP received technology monies from the State of Michigan, stay tuned for upcoming trainings for volunteers

  • Covid 100+ Hours Luncheon celebrated 41 volunteers that gave 100+ hours between March 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021 to support Covid response programs

Payroll Deductions Leads Donations Q3 2021

In the third quarter of 2021, $12,567 was raised, with 35% of the dollars coming from payroll deduction and individual donors coming in at 33%. THANK YOU TO THOSE THAT DOANTED IN THE 3rd QUARTER. If you would like to learn about the ease of payroll deduction as a way for you or your company to donate, please call Erin at 989.732.8929. Every donation, big or small is meaningful and we are incredibly grateful.

Our support came from 5 different sources:

1. Personal donors

2. Payroll deduction programs and corporation support

3. Foundations: One individual/private donation match

4. Corporation: Donation on behalf of a business or corporation

4. United Ways-this could mean a few things:

  • Someone else in another community identified OCUW as the organization they would like to give to

  • A corporation donated to a specific United Way and would like to distribute the donation to other United Way's

  • A corporation that has roots in Otsego County headquarters is in another town and a donation is designated to us

Please read below to see how your dollars are put to work. If you would like learn more about our giving programs at the United Way please visit our website or call Erin at 989.732.8929.

Dollars in Action QRT-3 Snapshots

Power of the Purse Highlights

  • Auction site is LIVE. Link was sent SATURDAY, 10/23/21 for ticket holders only. We will be adding new items often. There are 50+ items already uploaded. Don't miss out, buy your ticket today. If you have bought a ticket and did not receive the email please contact Megan.

  • 50/50 Tickets are on sale at the United Way and the Holistic Spa. Only 100-$100 tickets will be sold. This could be an opportunity to win $5,500 if all tickets are sold. Need not be present to win. Thank you to Alpine Chocolate Haus for being our 50/50 sponsor to put $500 in the pot for YOU. Thank you Sun Frog for printing our beautiful Golden Tickets.

  • Servers are hosting special events to raise money for their passion point. Please see all of the flyers below.

Otsego County United Way

116 E. 5th Street

Gaylord, MI 49735


Building doors are locked for Covid-19 precautions

Ring the bell, someone is available 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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