The Otsego County United Way provides direct services that, together, address meeting vital and often urgent human needs in our community.


United Way RSVP volunteers provide community impact and drive healthy futures outcomes for our community by providing state-wide, non-emergency medical transportation, rural “cancer van” transportation to regional cancer treatment facilities, and small home repair, for the elderly, homebound and disabled.


Additionally, RSVP connects volunteers aged 55 and older with local non-profit organizations that need them. We develop a variety of opportunities for volunteer service for older people willing to share their experience, abilities, and skills for the betterment of our community and themselves. We provide an exceptional program that has been recognized as a “role model” volunteer program by the Governor of the State of Michigan.


RSVP was established in Otsego County in 1981. Today we have over 300 volunteers who provide over 30,000 hours of service annually through partnership with 65 local non-profit organizations.


Otsego County Human Services Network

This network currently comprises over 125 members from local human services organizations and agencies operating in Otsego County. Our United Way employs the coordinator and houses this network for its monthly meetings in our Community Room. The purpose of this network is to identify human service needs, fill gaps in services, and work together as a collaborative network in order to avoid duplication of services when possible. This network . . .

• improves the effectiveness of local human services.
• promotes a user-friendly system of human services.
• makes the best use of human service dollars through collaboration between member agencies.
• serves as a board, reviewing and endorsing collaborative efforts.
• identifies and responds to emerging local issues.
• develops prevention services.