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There are two different programs offered through the United Way if you are interested in volunteering:  The RSVP Program and The Volunteer Center. 


RSVP Program:   AmeriCorps Seniors is an independent, federal grant-making government agency whose mission is to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic participation through service and volunteering. RSVP -  The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program  - is a division of the AmeriCorps Seniors programs.  The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) of Otsego County operates for the dual purpose of engaging persons 55 and older in volunteer service to meet critical community needs, and to provide a high quality experience that will enrich the lives of volunteers.


Volunteer Center:  The Volunteer Center is operated by the Otsego County United Way.  It provides volunteer opportunities to those aged 54 and younger.  


For both RSVP and the Volunteer Center, we work with over 50 different non-profits in Otsego County to place volunteers.  Volunteers can choose to participate as little or as much as they want in any of the volunteer opportunities that are offered. 


To become a volunteer, please complete the volunteer registration form appropriate for your age. Applications will be submitted to the United Way staff who will then contact you.

Data Protection Policy: The Otsego County United Way takes the confidentiality and integrity of its Volunteer/Customer/Donor data very seriously and strives to assure data is protected from unauthorized access and is available when needed.

Interested in Volunteering? We have opportunities for everyone!

Looking for Volunteers? We can Help!

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